Posted on: March 18, 2009 3:36 pm

North Carolina's Lawson Unlikely Against Radford

If I'm Roy Williams, I don't think there's any scenario in which I let Ty Lawson play Radford on Thursday. Radford isn't a world-beater with ball pressure, and Bobby Frasor is more than capable of running the point for this game. The risk-reward factor is not in the 'Heels favour here, as there is the risk that Lawson could aggrevate the injury in a game in which the 'Heels should easily roll.

I'm not trying to detract from Radford's body of work or suggest that they are a terrible team, but North Carolina has little to worry about in this game with or without Lawson. The only people concerned about Lawson's toe as it pertains to impact on the Radford game are those in the gambling community. How will the line change with Lawson out? Is it worth the risk to take Radford if the line drops significantly? These are the questions being asked, not can UNC beat Radford without Ty Lawson?

As a Raider fan I'll tell you, watching an explosive player labour with a toe injury is very frustrating, and the more rest Lawson can get in before games that should challenge the 'Heels a little more, the better. If Lawson does play, it will be the most head-scratching decision I've seen in some time, and one that could cost the 'Heels in a large way further down the road. Bottom line: rest him up until you need him. Don't look past Radford, but know that you can handle them without Lawson.

Posted on: March 17, 2009 3:32 pm
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NCAA Tournament All-Name Team

 Well, tournament time is upon us again and as usual there is a plethora of interesting, intense, colourful, or just cool sounding names amongst the dancers; however, there seems to be more of a dearth than usual of great college names, so this list won't be as colourful as some in the past. So though you may find yourselves longing for the days of a God Shammgod or the Mapp brothers (Majestic & Scientific) or even former Hoya Ruben Boumtje-Boumtje, there are still enough names to make a couple of fun teams. This list is made under the assumption that Alabama State wins the play-in tonight, or else we'll be robbed of one of the greatest names in NCAA tournament history. I tried to limit the amount of foreign names, but there simply weren't enough good Western names to choose from.


Chief Kickingstallionsims - Alabama St.

Artsiom Parakhouski - Radford

Kwadzo Ahelegbe - Northern Iowa

Kirill Pishchalnikov - VCU

Humpty Hitchens - Akron


Olek Czyz - Duke

Wquinton Smith - Wisconsin

Chretien Lukusa - Binghamton (home-town vote from a Canadian here. Chretien...priceless)

Rihards Kuksiks - Arizona St.

Nemanja Calasan - Purdue


Storm Warren - LSU

Derwin Kitchen - Florida St.

Demontez Stitt - Clemson

Dash Harris - Texas A & M

J'Mison Morgan - UCLA


Dionte Christmas - Temple

Buford Foote - Morgan St.

Brady Morningstar - Kanasas

Jrue Holiday - UCLA

Maze Stallworth - Morehead St.

Although there isn't the sheer amount of crazy names that there have been in the past, we've got some really good ones in the tournament this season. Let's hope Alabama St. wins tonight so we can see not only first-teamer Chief Kickingstallionsims, but his teammate, the only member of my all-Ironic Names team, guard Ivory White, who is black.






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